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10-Year Anniversary:
LiquidFeedback - from deliberation to binding decisions

von Axel Kistner am 27. Oktober 2019 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

On this day a decade ago, the first release of LiquidFeedback was published. From political parties to intergovernmental organizations, from civic engagement to constituency empowerment, from employee participation to entrepreneurial self-governance, from product development to standardization - LiquidFeedback has morphed into an international benchmark for democratic participation using the internet.

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2nd Workshop on ​Mathematics for Social Activism, University of Leeds, UK

von Andreas Nitsche am 06. Juni 2019 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, June 6-7 2019
Funded by the London Mathematical Society

The 2-day workshop brings together mathematicians and data analysts from academia, industry, NGOs and government, focused on how mathematics and data can and are being used to drive social progress.

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International WeGovNow workshop in Padua, Italy

von Martina Böll am 17. Januar 2019 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

With the WeGovNow project coming to an end after three years, it is now the time to put our heads together and discuss the project’s general bottom-up WeGovernment approach. With a view to not only discuss lessons learned but to stimulate further research or uptakes of the WeGovNow platform, an international exploitation workshop will take place next week in Padua, Italy.

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