10-Year Anniversary: LiquidFeedback - from deliberation to binding decisions 

news :: 2019
von Axel Kistner am 27. Oktober 2019 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

On this day a decade ago, the first release of LiquidFeedback was published. From political parties to intergovernmental organizations, from civic engagement to constituency empowerment, from employee participation to entrepreneurial self-governance, from product development to standardization - LiquidFeedback has morphed into an international benchmark for democratic participation using the internet.[1]

From the very beginning, LiquidFeedback has been designed to allow large scale groups to make democratic decisions asynchronous and location-independent while — at the same time — solving problems inherent to classic decision making scenarios.[2]

Over the years, we improved the mechanisms to maintain equal opportunities even in cases where participation counts grow beyond any limit.[3]

LiquidFeedback's decision-making process, which is currently under analysis by scientists around the globe, can protect against the dominance of noisy minorities and malicious bots as commonly found on social media platforms while assuring minorities a fair share of observance during the discussion process.

As we celebrate this day with our friends on four continents, we look back at our work with the scientific community, civil society, international relations, and conflict management. We are thankful for all contributions and the continuous support. We are looking forward to entering the new decade and to meeting new challenges with our ongoing and future cooperations.


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[2] The Principles of LiquidFeedback

[3] A Finite Discourse Space for an Infinite Number Of Participants