News 2016 

“The Future of Democracy” at the University of Bologna, Italy

by Axel Kistner on November 03, 2016

The Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA) of Europe’s oldest university, the University of Bologna, organized a workshop on “The Future of Democracy”. A workshop on the topic of democracy and participation is by its nature multidisciplinary, involving mathematics, computer science, social psychology, and political science. Invited speakers are experts from several European countries.

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Member of Honour Waltraut Tänzler wins the Special Prize of the Vevey International Photography Award, Switzerland

by Axel Kistner on September 09, 2016

The Berlin artist Waltraut Tänzler, Member of Honour of the Association for Interactive Democracy since 2014, has won the Special Prize of the Vevey International Photography Award with her project “EYES ON BORDERs”. [1] The project will be presented on the Festival Images in Vevey, Switzerland, from 10. September 2016 to 2. Oktober 2016. [2]

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LiquidFeedback in London, Turin and San Donà di Piave

by Andreas Nitsche on July 01, 2016

“WeGovNow! - Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges” is an OpenStreetMap based E-Government solution to be validated and evaluated in London Southwark (UK), Turin (Italy) and San Donà di Piave (Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy) [1]. WeGovNow will seamlessly integrate applications such as Community Maps, GeoKey, FirstLife, ImproveMyCity, LiquidFeedback and OntoMap. The project will add new modules such as a TrustedMarketplace and be open for existing citizen services and third party applications in general. Mobile use will be possible with WeGovNow apps as well as third party apps. Municipalities can allow login by Facebook Login, Google Sign­In and Microsoft Account. For certain actions in WeGovNow municipalities may also require a verification by a national or local identity provider. Voting privileges can be gained by verification of an existing account.

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Keynote speech on LiquidFeedback at COST Action Industry Day in Toulouse, France

by Axel Kistner on June 21, 2016

The COST Action IC1205 Industry Day [1] is held in Toulouse, France on June 21, 2016. The aim of the Industry Day is to bridge the gap between current theoretical research in computational social choice and innovative applications in industry and policy making related to collective decision making.

Andreas Nitsche, board member of the Association for Interactive Democracy, will deliver a keynote on the topic “LiquidFeedback and a fair process of decision making”. Other keynote speakers are Craig Boutilier (Google, USA), Elliott Peranson (National Matching Services Inc., Canada), Jacques Traoré (Orange Labs, France) and Matthew Robb (NHS Blood and Transplant, UK).

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LiquidFeedback for Swiss water supply and distribution

by Axel Kistner on May 25, 2016

The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute [1] in Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland executed a creative workshop for members of the Swiss water economy in October 2015. In cooperation with partners from science, economy and culture the participants discussed extreme scenarios for the management of water supply and distribution. LiquidFeedback [2] was used to discuss, comment and evaluate several scenarios. The workshop also revealed the chances provided by LiquidFeedback for restructuring currently static procedures and complex processes.

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