Public Engagement and its Impact on Parliaments
An International Workshop at the UK House of Commons, London 

news :: 2020
by Andreas Nitsche on April 03, 2020

The UK House of Commons [1] and the Centre for Democratic Engagement [2] have joined forces to co-host a one day international workshop about parliamentary public engagement, focusing particularly on its impact on parliaments and their scrutiny processes.

The workshop will bring together parliamentary officials and academics from all over the world to discuss key challenges and opportunities brought by public engagement practices [3].

International Parliament Engagement Network (IPEN)

While the workshop had been postponed due to COVID-19, the workshop organisers launched an international network of public engagement with parliament.

The IPEN network is inclusive of experts from a range of backgrounds and international perspectives, provides a space to share best practice, communicates research findings, and encourages collaboration between academics and practitioners. IPEN includes members from over 20 countries spanning 6 continents from parliamentary officials, academia and international organisations.

The workshop “Public Engagement and its Impact on Parliaments” will be held in Westminster in 2021.

[1] UK House of Commons

[2] Centre for Democratic Engagement

[3] Public Engagement and its Impact on Parliaments