LiquidFeedback joins CAPS 2015 at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium 

news :: 2015
by Axel Kistner on July 10, 2015

Andreas Nitsche, Board Member of Interaktive Demokratie e. V. - Association for Interactive Democracy has been invited to represent LiquidFeedback at the CAPS2015 conference under the aegis of the European Commission and coordinated by Sigma Orionis. For the second time, leading Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) gathered in Brussels, Belgium on July 7 and 8, 2015.

During the two days un-conferences, interviews, workshops, seminars, hands-on sessions and informal talks contributed to an interactive event for both speakers and participants, allowing productive exchanges between CAPS projects, EC policy-makers, grassroots and all other CAPS stakeholders. In an interview on main stage Frank Escoubès, founder of Imagination for People, interviewed Andreas Nitsche about “Perspectives on Network Social Responsibility: LiquidFeedback and Interactive Democracy”. This was followed up by a lively discussion with the audience.

CAPS are open internet platforms, connecting citizens to each other and providing them with a more effective way to

  • spontaneously adopt more sustainable behaviours and lifestyles;
  • contribute to a low-carbon economy;
  • get facts/evidence from citizens for better decision making, at personal or institutional levels;
  • develop alternative collaborative approaches to problem solving including collective intelligence and collective decisions;
  • actively engage, innovate and act, individually or collectively, towards societally, environmentally and economically sustainable approaches and solutions to tackle societal challenges.