LDAP based member authorization and authentication support added to LiquidFeedback  

news :: 2014
von Björn Swierczek am 23. Juli 2014 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

Last week, the Public Software Group received the extension “ldap4lqfb” as contribution for LiquidFeedback. This extension implements member authorization and authentication using an LDAP server as described in the feature proposal.

The extension has been developed for the internal use of the parliamentary group of the Pirate Party Germany in the Berlin House of Representatives. We thank the members of the parliament for supporting the spirit of Open Source by contributing modifications back to LiquidFeedback.

Initially, “ldap4lqfb” was created for LiquidFeedback Core v2.2.5 and Frontend 2.2.6. It can be downloaded as tar.gz archive. For incorporating it into LiquidFeedback, we ported the code to the current 3.0 line and released it with LiquidFeedback Core v3.0.4 and Frontend v3.0.2 to the public.

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