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news :: 2012
by Björn Swierczek on June 06, 2012

The developers of LiquidFeedback are pleased to announce the upcoming release date of LiquidFeedback version 2.0.

The release will include

  • a stable version of LiquidFeedback Core,
  • the first stable version of LiquidFeedback Frontend and
  • the first alpha version of lfapi, the new programming interface allowing full read/write access to enable application developers to create clients, robots, report generators and everything else they like to do.

All users of LiquidFeedback are strongly advised to prepare their migration scenario and update as soon as possible.

The release will follow a presentation

After the presentation and official release the event will continue with a discussion with the vanguards in different application fields:

  • Political parties | Berlin Pirate Party
  • Associations/NGOs | Slow Food Germany
  • Government/Civic Participation | Friesland County

NB: This event will be in German.

If you like to participate you need to register by sending an email to

More information about the event is available in German language.

UPDATE: Thank you for so many registrations. The guest list is closed now. We are looking forward to seeing all confirmed guests.