Core 2.0.0 released, public alpha test of new API interface and call for applications 

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von Björn Swierczek am 11. September 2011 Nur in Englisch verfügbar

LiquidFeedback Core 2.0.0 released

Today the Public Software Group e. V. released version 2.0.0 of LiquidFeedback Core, the main part of LiquidFeedback consisting of a PostgreSQL database schema and a background job for counting. This first version of the new major release line is dedicated to developers as it still needs some testing.

Since the last stable release of the LiquidFeedback Core (version 1.3.1) a number of improvements have been made and new features have been added: Support for hierachical units, a new notification system, issue and voting comments and wiki formatting for suggestions, member statements and comments. The counting of the ballots has been improved and allows detailed configuration of supermajority requirements now.

Right now there is no frontend available to access this new version of LiquidFeedback directly by users, because the LiquidFeedback Frontend is not yet ported to version 2.0.0 of the Core. Because of that, the Core release line 1.3.x along with the fitting Frontend will be supported until a complete web based frontend for Core version 2.0.x is available.

Public test of new application programming interface

Starting with LiquidFeedback Core 2.0.0 an application programming interface (API) was introduced. This API enables developers to create their own applications making use of LiquidFeedback in almost any programming environment. A first version of the technical specification of the interface is available. Much of the specification is already implemented in "lfapi", the official LiquidFeedback API server. The Public Software Group provides a public alpha test environment of the API for application developers and people interested in joining the specification and implementation process. More information is available at

Call for applications

Now all developers interested in creating own applications for LiquidFeedback are called. Create your own user interface, report generator, bot or whatever you get on your mind. Just register at the public alpha test and start coding!

To let other people know about your project, please register it by email at lqfb-maintainers at Please include your name, the name of your application, the intended platform and a short description of the purposes of your software. Shortly a list of applications in development will be published. To exchange with other developers or to get help you can use the public mailing list of the LiquidFeedback developers.

When starting to create your application, please do not call it LiquidFeedback, because it isn't. Choose your own unique name for your project, so people are able to distinguish it from the LiquidFeedback system itself.

If you have any further questions please contact lqfb-maintainers at